NO.36 藤艺

藤是大自然最原始的产物,是自然赋予设计师的生动画笔。在崇尚自然的今天,沉寂多年的藤艺作品再次回归人们的视线,带来活力、清新的自然体验。藤条所特有的弧度和张力塑造出丰富多姿的艺术造型,柔韧的线条勾勒出流畅的轮廓,朴素的材质赋予自然的田园气息。藤条粗犷的天然质感与精致的现代建筑形成鲜明对比,简洁而不失优雅的藤艺雕塑与现代建筑所追寻的自然风格和谐一致。本期专题将展示藤艺雕塑家Patrick Dougherty的一系列作品:“细胞分离”、“空间的交叠”、“神采飞扬”等造型迥异的藤艺雕塑作品分别诠释不同的故事和灵魂,在繁华的都市中营造出浓郁的乡村田园氛围。

Rattan is the product of nature, a brush that nature grants designers. Today, in respect of nature, rattan works come back to our sight with fresh energy. The flexible and stretching characters of rattan can shape various art structures. Whippy rattans sketch out smooth contour, this simple material reveals an experience of countryside. The wild texture of rattan contrasts with exquisite modern architecture, whose natural style corresponds to the elegant rattan sculpture. This issue will present a series of rattan sculptures from designer Patrick Dougherty: “Cell division”, “Crossing over” and “Here’s looking at you” illustrate different stories and spirits, creating rural atmosphere in the contemporary city.

语种:中英文 | 出版日期:2011-12-31 | 商品规格:225mm×297mm
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NO.35 照明设计


As the rising of luminal art, landscape lighting has become an important part of landscape design. Flashing lights and shades create animated effects on landscape architectures. Wherever lights goes, everything is in harmonious order. Under elaborate design, luminaries weave into impressive visual feast. This issue will show a series of selected landscape lightings: The application of LEDs is a fresh energy implanted into luminal art. LEDs become best choice in landscape lighting for its breaking through the limitations of each type of sources and its sustainability. The lighting design for the Old DC City Hall is an integration of modern criteria and historic fidelity, while the accommodation of new energy-efficient light sources expresses the concept of sustainability. Lighting Clichy Batignolles Park in Paris creates various, attractive, nocturnal atmospheres and improves the park’s night image. The unique luminous band spanning on the Telekom Bridge expresses the combination of modernity and technical mastery. This landscape lighting is the mix of high visual attention and aesthetic autonomy.

语种:中英文 | 出版日期:2011-10-31 | 商品规格:225mm×297mm
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NO.34 室内景观


As a part of landscape design, interior landscape is closest to inhabitants. It provides an experience of the unity between man and nature. The adoption of interior landscape creates a living style of health and sustainability more than just fresh and natural environment. This issue will show the Singapore Garden Festival 2010: shady trees, gurgling water and the fragrance of flowers created an Eden Garden of floral and art. Landscape works like “The Last Australian Garden”, “Daintree”, “Hortus IncLusus” show the ingenuity, creativity and intellect of landscape designers from 17 countries. They are divided into 3 categories: landscape garden, dream garden and floriculture. The garden festival creates a peace and quiet interior landscape experience in tropical Singapore.

语种:中英文 | 出版日期:2011-06-30 | 商品规格:225mm×297mm
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NO.33 景观艺术装置

就某种角度而言,景观艺术装置是景观设计师自身的一种情感寄托方式以及对特定场地独到的艺术诠释。它是一些极为普通的物质实体,在特定的场地中,经过有目的地筛选、利用、改造、组合,或以个体或以群体的形式所展示的精神与文化共融的艺术形态。本期专题对Cao | Perrot Studio15个景观艺术装置设计项目进行了详尽的报道与解析:梦幻之园、沙海中的多元艺术、越南风情之园、水中浪漫花径、荡漾的绿色海洋、玻璃之园……这些极富艺术感的景观装置充分体现着设计师对项目场地的独特理解,同时设计师通过对部分装置的精心设计寄托自身对故土、对童年的深深怀念。此外,这些景观艺术装置的构筑大多数都选用了可回收材料或就地取材,环保理念尽显其中。

Art installation in landscape architecture, a contemporary art form to show the integration of spirit and culture, is actually made of ordinary materials by intentionally selection, renovation and combination. To some extent, it gives expression to the emotion of the landscape architect himself, also, it reflects his understanding of the specific site. Cao | Perrot Studio will present us 15 art installations in various landscape spaces to elaborate this newborn art form. Aerial Garden, Desert Sea, Jardin des Hespérides, A Lover’s Lane, Jardin K, Glass Garden…, they sufficiently show landscape architects’ distinctive understanding of each project site, also express personal emotion to their homeland and childhood. In addition, most materials of these installations are recycled ones, fully revealing the concept of environmental protection.

语种:中英文 | 出版日期:2011-06-30 | 商品规格:225mm×297mm
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NO.32 绿色屋顶


Roof greening and planting technologies are gradually improved, which makes up for the great shortage of urban greening area caused by city construction and plays a very important role in the process of urban environment protection. Various roof gardens with elaborate design appear on skyscrapers, forming a fascinating scene in the sky. INL this issue will presents a series of worldwide excellent roof garden design works to show a unique ecotopia in the air, such as the roof garden of a corporate headquarters with fresh and clean style, the Georgica Roof Terrace in Manhattan, New York and the well-known green roof of California Academy of Sciences.

语种:中英文 | 出版日期:2011-04-30 | 商品规格:225mm×297mm
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NO.31 美式豪宅


This issue will show a brilliant series of American Elite Villas: the belvedere garden on Beverly Hill is designed with a tropical fell; the single-family residence in Sands Point, New York draws on the influences of mid century modernist landscapes; Sullivan Residence at the Lake of the Isles creates a dynamic space with a modern approach; and the Pool House in Dallas reflects the owner’s relaxed and casual attitude towards life...All these outstanding landscape works are filled with landscape architects’ unique insights of modern American life, also reflect the essential status of landscape design for elite villas.

语种:中英文 | 出版日期:2011-02-28 | 商品规格:225mm×297mm
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